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The DAV is a planned dark sky community. The site consists of a number of amenities to support both the goals of the community as well as the entertainment of its members.

There are plenty of walking trails throughout the site with nature everywhere. Beautiful hardwood areas,butterflies, wild ferns, blackberry bushes, large boulders, even a pre-civil war conestoga trail. After a long evening under the stars take a moment to enjoy the planet Earth.

Conservacy Area

The site is arranged into 3 major sections. As you enter the facility you will first see the DAV Membership Field, where members can come out for an evening or weekend of observing. This 11 acre field has been named after Robert Grier, the famous astronomer/writer who lived in this area. This field is also where the DAV will host large star party events.

As you move past Grier's Field you will enter into the Nature Area of the site. This section of the site will be preserved to support the nature and wildlife that is abundant on this site. The Nature Area has plenty of trails and places to just sit and enjoy the serenity.

Past the Nature Area is the Observatory section of the site. This is where you will see home sites and leased areas for permanent observatory locations. If your goal is to finally have a site that can support a permanent observatory then this is the place for you. There are 27 only 3 sites available on this section of the site. At the bottom of this section of the site is another nature area with hardwoods and a creek, keep an eye open for arrow heads down there….

    Grier's Field - Just waiting for nighttime....

          Just one of the many beautiful Nature Trails